Publisert av: Tom Inge | februar 21, 2010


You were the inspiration for the hope I want to reach. You were the long lost thought who shivers down my back. The occuring happening made me swim in joy. The prescence of you were an unbearable burden.

Who am I, to judge you upon the knowledge I dont possess, the crying face that needs help to heal. The emotions inside is tearing me down, the hope is fading as the day is ending. A day of doom, a day of defeat.

The glory shall rise, but for whom is the victory? I am the carrier of the grail of love. The forbidden artifact of reapers.

Lights in the end of the tunnel, but the crack is so small, I cannot see the Goddess of my feelings. How can I redeem what is truly mine? The grail of love may show me the answers. Rise me again, and i shall live up to my capability.

The reapers have rampaged enough. Its time to shine, to rise for the sake of love. The mishaps will not occur once again, I shall carry the sword of hope and make you kneel.

You will know when the hero have arrived. The legacy of honesty shall again shine upon us. We will not be thorn apart of the reapers who doomed us. We shall overcome, we shall survive, because we are the fittest, the warriors of the truth. The defender of happiness, and the carriers of emotions. Kneel, and take my vow as i speak.



  1. haha, jeg må være tidenes dårligste dikter 😛 roflmao

  2. Neida 🙂 Synes det var bra jeg.

  3. Synes faktisk av det var ufattelig vakkert.

  4. tusen takk for det ^^ er ikke mye dikt jeg har bak meg, så nå får jeg prøve å skrive noen 😛 men synes dette første ble litt rart^^

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