Publisert av: Tom Inge | februar 10, 2011

So…saw this movie..

and it was really good! «Into the Wild» was the name of it, about a guy who gives up everything he has, to live the real life in the woods. Seems like a perfect life 🙂 Was down at my girl Lilly with my man Dove! Silvia was there also but she left early to hook up with her boyfriend i think, to watch a tv-show about Norway and Sweden competing:) Lilly fell asleep during the movie, haha, soo her in a nutshell. She’ve done that more then one time!

Also had my day off today, so went downtown to check out what those african drums costs, and it was more then I thought. From 2600,- and up. I defenitly want one, but I’ll have to wait till I got the extra money for it. And then me and Dove took a trip to a local coffeehouse, ate something and took a coffee. Well he did, I took a childs drink called «Kuli» . Manlyness -5! haha. Well, still on my vitamins and oils, so feel my health is improving. It works! So if I only could get a normal sleepingcyclus now, that would be perfect. But ey… im going to LA this summer anyway, so thats a 6 hour difference, so might as well prepare for that ;p Well, thanks for today! Good night everyone, sleep well and love yourself. Peace out -Tom


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