Publisert av: Tom Inge | februar 13, 2011

About harrassment, bullying and being picked on. MAKE A CHANGE!

In these days there are alot of talking about bullying on schools, on the internet, and every where people are. People come out in the media telling their story about how they got bullied at school. I have been one of the victims. I cant say I have been a victim of the worst bullying, but I were often alone, all the time during the 10 minute breaks, and also got some physical harrasment. I read about people who havent been able to work they’re entire life, or even got problems going out in public and so on.. I hate bullying. Bullys have no idea how much they can ruin one persons life. And for what gain? Respect. False respect. You might get respect for those 3 years on high school or whatever, but what about after that? What about that person you picked on, that person is almost certain to have problems further on. Like myself, I ended up going to a totally different school than I wanted to, just because I didnt want to go somewhere else then my best friend.

But people change, also for the worse, I know. We started our new school, and my friend got picked on. But instead of backing him up, (well, I did most of the time), I also started to harass him. But I just thought it was innocent play, since he never told me he hated it, untill very late. And I still did’nt realise what I had done. Took me years to think over it, and then it had already been to late. He dropped out of school, for several reasons, I might be one tiny reason for that. Me and my friend often got treated different from most teachers, mainly me. Teachers hated me, I were’nt the best in class, and I had problems with my concentration. I often swirled around in my own little world. Fell asleep in classes and were exhausted alot of the schooltime. Mainly because of the teachers. They ruined my education.I also got my own «babysitter» at school. Who was supposed to help me in classes, taking me out from classes etc. Making my schoolday a little better.

But without telling more of that, most people get stronger of being bullied. At least I did. I have never been in a fight, because I always just turn my back and walk away. THATS what everyone should do. Dont get upset by words, or people TRYING to get into a fight.

So, just had to lighten my heart, and say some words about this. Because this is a good focus, theres should be ALOT more focus on bullying. It appears everywhere. Schools, Internet, Soccer practice, Theaters. PAY ATTENTION is my command to you all. If you see someone being bullied, step in and prevent it. Some times it might be innocent play, but some other times, maby that boy or girl, is asking himself why noone is helping.

People might even kill themself because they hate their life so much. Reasons? Because bullise told them they’re ugly and fat, different, suck at sports or whatever. But also for scars they got from being harrassed and picked on.  BE THE SAVIOR OF THESE PEOPLE! Be friendly to everyone, smile, say hello. The smallest thing may do a big change. And to all of you who have been harrassing anyone, the biggest thing you can do, is to say sorry. If you truly are sorry for what you did, why dont you find that person, and write a note? Im sure many people would appreciate that!


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