Publisert av: Tom Inge | mars 10, 2011

Room for everyone..

A heart can be many things. A drawing from your 5 year old daughter, a candy for valentines day, pillows in the bed or necklaces. My heart is a sanctum. A place where I keep everything safe. Nothing gets out unless I let it out. All my emotions, thoughts and feelings are built from this sanctum. Like a city with walls around it.

I love to talk to others, know how they feel and what they think. I like it when people come to me for a chat, about problems, insecurity or just a friendly chat. I want you all to know that if someone is bothering you, I am here. I am available. Your feelings can take a seat in my sanctum and lay to rest if you want to open up. I may not be able to give you the answers you are looking for, but I have alot of life experience to share, even in the age of 26. I have dealt with feelings who would destroy a man, and I know how you may be able to rebuild your faith, body and smile. I am here to give you my shoulder or hand. I am here to talk to you, or just listen. My heart is open if there is something that needs to be dealt with. . come to me and you will find a true friend. I just wanted to share this with you all, because too many people are struggling and dont have anyone to speak with. I believe in forgiveness. Forgive yourself, thats the most important. Once you forgive yourself you are ready to open up for someone else. People wont laugh of you, not if you go to the true friends, or someone who wants to listen. Deal with regret, build on experience. Keep faith in love and support. There are always someone backing you up…


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