Publisert av: Tom Inge | mars 14, 2011

A post about selfesteem..

Sometimes its not easy to look yourself in the mirror and say  –  «Ey, I like you!». Most of the times people just look in the mirror for a few seconds and then moving on to do something else. Too many people in this world dislike what they see. All they see is flaws. They see what they think other people see. Scars, wounds, things only visible to yourself. The selfesteem. Im 100% sure that if you look deep into yourself, you will find 100 good things for every 1 negative. Which does’nt even have to be negative. I have been there, I have looked myself in the mirror without finding a good reflection. I have asked myself why I look like I do. Why I dont have any skills. Why I cant perform, play an instrument, or do things everyone else is good at. All I saw was this sorry-assed guy with no selfesteem. Offcourse I did’nt know that time that selfesteem had so much to do with the reflection the mirror gave me.

Because it does. Selfesteem is vital for everything you do. Even looks. I hated my smile, I was gutted by it. Could’nt smile. I hated my teeth, because I did’nt have this colgate smile. Weirdlooking teeth which were’nt as white as I wanted them to be. At least thats what I thought. I had this twisted vision of myself, thinking I were’nt good enough for anything, or anyone. Thats when you’re wrong.

First of: Your family would’nt be the same without you. They love you, and need you. And your friends, they probobly dont say enough how much you mean to them. I know I mean alot to my friends. And my friends mean alot, ALOT (!!) to me. Cant even find that word who describe how much they mean to me.

Second to that: Everyone have a secret admirer. You will probobly never find out who it is, but if you were gone, that persons life would crash in some way. Also if you have, had or is about to have, a girl/boyfriend, you are the world to them.

So, you see what you think other people see. It could’nt be more wrong. I somehow managed to track myself into this. Thinking of what selfesteem really is. And I found out something. Whatever other people say to you, in a negative way, does’nt mean anything. Its either jealousy, or a way to bring you down. What YOU think of YOU is what matters. If you check the mirror one more time. I mean , REALLY check the mirror. Look for 10 minutes, maby more. Check every little spot on yourself, and tell me if you find more flaws then good things. I bet you cant. If you still cant find more positive things, keep looking. Look deeper. Not just on the outside. Give it a smile, and read that smile. What does it give to you?

I began to do this. I tried smiling. Did’nt like it in the start, but after a while, you become different. I found myself in a whole new position. I gained selfesteem by overriding my flaws with positive thinking. I shut out those things who didnt matter. I began to like my smile, and with it, everything that followed. There is still parts of me I dont like. But does it matter? No – it does’nt. Some people may call you fat, some people may call you ugly or stupid. Those are the ones who havent found themself in the mirror. I dont care what people say to me. You should’nt either.

Also, if you are unhappy with who you are, try to make some changes. I did, like, really did. I changed my appearance. A major change, but also so small. Because your clothes does’nt make who you are. I have always been reffered to as a criminal because my clothes were baggy etc. «That hiphop guy». Well not to track into that. I had been looking the same for so many years. Kind of grown into one look. I bought new clothes, alot more classy, and accessorized myself with something else then bandana and chains. I got a haircut instead of this wildgrowing hairball on my head. Those things gave me a whole new look, and I liked what I saw. But were I really any different? No. But all of a sudden people started to see my selfesteem, and complimented me for my new looks, and with that, my selfesteem grew even more.

I looked myself into the mirror, I found flaws, but behind those flaws, I found something way more valuable. I found myself.

So to all of you: You are a wonderfull person, you mean alot to ALOT of people. Find a mirror and find yourself. The mirror never lies, you just have to find the right angle.


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