Publisert av: Tom Inge | februar 23, 2012

30 day challenge – Do something new every day!

So, I saw this status on facebook of a girl that asked if anyone wanted to join her in a 30 day challenge. «Do a new thing every day».  Curious as I were I had to respond, and then someone gave me a link to a guy who did just that. Or, something similar! His name is Ted Cutts.


So, I am gonna try this later. In fact, it may change my life, like that movie «Yes Man», starring Jim Carrey!  I’ve had a «yes» week, and that was fun. But this, this is gonna rock! Im just gonna write a list of 30 things to do. And do one of them every day for a month, untill all is done!  Do you want to join me ? Throw me a note!


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